Travel the Nation's scientific powerhouses from your home with our virtual lab tours.
Stephanie Hatchett, U.S. Department of Energy

You don't have to travel anywhere except your computer to view the world-class science and research facilities at our U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories. Located all across the country, these Laboratories are offering virtual tours and conversations with their experts on staff to give you access to the work that we do on the behalf of the Nation to break the boundaries of innovation and scientific knowledge.

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Argonne National Laboratory

  • Wakefield Accelerator Virtual Tour. The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science’s (DOE-SC’s) Argonne Wakefield Accelerator (AWA) allows scientists to widen their expertise and help develop the next generation of accelerators that provide higher energy over short distances. With wakefield acceleration, physicists can generate hard x-rays in several meters what once required several kilometers. On your virtual tour, visit the Divebeam, Double Emittance Exchange Beamline, and Argonne Cathode Test Strand through videos.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

  • Virtual Classroom Field Trips. Contact the Office of Educational Programs to discuss our flexible field trip, with NYSSLS aligned programs that have designed to lend themselves best to distance learning. Lab instructors will remotely lead students through lessons using materials on hand or with web-based applications.
  • National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS-II)'s virtual tour can be found here.
  • Virtual Tour of the RHIC. Follow the animation of polarized protons as they travel through the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.
  • Virtual Tour of the Center for Functional Nanomaterials. This is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s five nanoscale science research centers.


Idaho National Laboratory

  • In partnership with Discovery Education and the American Nuclear Society, students can tour the Advanced Test Reactor and learn what goes on at the Idaho National Laboratory in their guided tour video and interviews with experts.
  • 360 degree virtual tours are available for several INL facilities, like the Experimental Breeder Reactor – I and II, the Hot Fuel Examination Facility, the Transient Reactor Test Facility, Battery Test Center Lab, Bioenergy Process Demonstration Unit, the Biomass Feedstock National User Facility, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Laboratory, the High Temperature Test Laboratory, and Human Systems Simulation Laboratory.
  • Sign up for a virtual facilities tour with INL, a two-hour tour offered once a month or for groups upon request. The tour includes an overview of 70+ years of INL history, covering the Advanced Test Reactor, Materials and Fuels Complex, and the Research and Education Campus.
  • Through the TravelStorys app on your mobile device or computer, on-demand tours of INL and the EBR-I are available as narrated tours. You can enjoy the tour on the road ​while driving Highway 20/26 past the INL site, or from anywhere in the world.

Jefferson Lab

  • Watch a Virtual Field Trip of Jefferson Lab from the archives, where you’ll head into the atom smasher and meet experts who conduct experiments.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Berkeley Lab is offering virtual tours of its facilities to the public. These are pre-scheduled, live, interactive, one-hour long sessions presented by Lab staff and scientists. Participants will learn about the Lab’s fascinating history, ground-breaking discoveries, and contributions to COVID-19-related research.
  • The Molecular Foundry offers self-guided virtual tours, exploring from your computer or VR headset. Guided virtual public tours are also available upon request. 
  • The Advanced Light Source offers self-guided virtual tours, exploring from your computer or VR headset. 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • 360 degree virtual tours of the facility’s 3D printing labs and the world’s biggest laser, the National Ignition Facility, are available on demand.
  • High School teachers and students can bring their class for a virtual visit to LLNL’s premier facilities. Currently, LLNL offers virtual tours of the National Ignition Facility and the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center, and the scientist in the classroom program connects LLNL scientists and engineers with students in their virtual classroom. Virtual tours are typically offered on Fridays, and are one-hour long. 
  • Guided virtual tours of the National Ignition Facility are available to any person or group that previously would have toured NIF in person, such as partners, university and school groups and professional organizations.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • The Bradbury Science Museum, which share’s the Lab’s mission and history, offers a virtual tour on “Research on Science and Engineering of Signatures (RoSES)”, and a “Faces of Science: The People Behind Our Science” tour. 

National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • The Lab has virtual tours available of their facilities in Albany, Oregon, Morgantown, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Register for a virtual tour of NREL’s campus here. The Golden campus is 327 acres, and the Flatirons campus is 305 acres. Tours are led by NREL staff and typically held the second Friday and the third Monday of each month from 10-11:30am MT. 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • ORNL has added 11 virtual tours to its campus map, each with multiple views to show floor plans, rotating dollhouse views and 360-degree navigation. As a user travels through a map, pop-out informational windows deliver facts, videos, graphics and links to other related content.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Take a 360 degree inside peek at where science happens at PNNL’s specialized facilities that analyze everything from the miniscule to the enormous. Start the tour to visit the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, the Shallow Underground Laboratory, and the Interdiction Technology and Integration Laboratory.

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

  • Take yourself on a tour of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, where you can virtually tour the Lyman Spitzer Building, the Theory Wing, the L-wing, the Tunnel, Science Education, NSTX, and Health Physics.

Sandia National Laboratories

  • Sandia National Laboratories has many virtual tours to offer, and continues to add to the list. You can visit the Aerial Cable Facility, National Solar Thermal Test Facility, Thermal Test Complex, Superfuge, Ion Beam Laboratory, Mechanical Shock Complex, Scaled Wind Farm Technology Facility, Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications, Robotic Facilities, Combustion Research Facility, Micro and Nano Technologies Laboratories, Machine Shop, Sandia Z Machine, Joint Test Assembly Lab, Applied Sciences Laboratory, and the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies. Visitors can also learn about Sandia’s Campus Services.


  • At SLAC’s virtual tour, in a self-paced tour you can explore some of the facilities and learn about the Lab’s exciting research. Launch the interactive tour here.

Savannah River Site

  • Visit Savannah River Site online and use their map to visit areas on their site, learning about some of the key people and historical moments along the way.