The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) offers several ways to get involved with the Energy I-Corps program.

Lab Researchers

Are you a lab researcher with a technology to bring to market?

DOE laboratory researchers with a technology ready for commercialization are eligible to apply for OTT's Energy I-Corps program.

Talk with your lab's Technology Transfer Office or contact us to learn more.

Industry Mentors

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Are you interested in becoming an industry mentor?

The role of a mentor is a critical component of OTT's Energy I-Corps program. Mentors bring real-world experience and lessons learned to the classroom setting and guide their teams through the learning process.

Mentors can expect to volunteer approximately 15% of their time to a team over the course of a seven-week cohort—some days more, some days less. Mentors should have experience and connections within the energy industry and an appreciation for the customer discovery process.

Energy I-Corps' industry mentors are the foundation of how national lab researchers connect with industry. The support and involvement of industry leaders gives Energy I-Corps participants the real-world perspectives needed to ready their lab innovations for market.

Four Reasons to Be an Industry Mentor

  1. Get a first look at exciting new innovations coming out of the national labs.
  2. Help your organization gain a strategic edge through exposure to future growth areas.
  3. Develop new and lasting relationships with U.S. national labs and researchers.
  4. Influence the development of emerging technologies towards specific applications.

Contact us to find a team in search of an industry mentor.


Are you interested in joining our Alumni Network?

If you are an OTT Energy I-Corps alumni or mentor, please join the Alumni Network! This group brings past and present Energy I-Corps (formerly known as Lab-Corps) teams together across the DOE laboratory system to sharing idea, progress updates, best practices, and contacts.

Contact us to join the Alumni Network.