A group of six people stand together for a photo on an outdoor patio.

Members of the Energy I-Corps teaching team gather in Golden, Colorado, for the Cohort 15 opening session.

The teaching team brings the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions' (OTT) Energy I-Corps curriculum to life. Energy I-Corps instructors are truly the backbone of the program and provide the time, energy, and intensity needed to successfully shepherd 12–18 teams through each cohort.

Instructors bring critical industry expertise to the program and introduce the language of innovation and commercialization to the participating teams. By leveraging deep technical backgrounds and advanced business experience, instructors bring their industry knowledge to each session—sharing lessons learned while incorporating program elements, professional development, and commercialization pathways.

Instructors leverage their business and startup experience to the benefit of OTT's Energy I-Corps teams through instruction, one-on-one advisory sessions, presentation coaching, customer discovery review, team building, and network expansion.

Latane Brackett
Principal Manager, Innovation Programs
GEM i4

Image of a professional male wearing a suit and tie

Danielle France
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Image of professional woman wearing blazer and blouse.

Max Green
Founder and Managing Member
Ratio Flux

Image of a professional man wearing a sport coat and collared shirt.

Sally Hatcher
General Partner
Buff Venture Fund

Image of a professional woman wearing a jacket and collared shirt

Rebecca Kauffman
Sun Raven

Image of a professional woman wearing a jacket and collared shirt

Deepa Lounsbury
Managing Director

Deepa Lounsbury

Nakia Melecio
Senior Research Faculty
Georgia Institute of Technology

Image of a professional man wearing a suit, vest, and tie

Alice Nichols
Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization

Image of a woman wearing a blue top

Jean Redfield
CFO and Co-Founder
JM Redfield LLC

Image of a professional woman wearing a gray scarf

Tom Teynor
Bell Plumbing and Heating

Image of a man wearing a suit, tie, and a flower on his lapel

Grant Warner
Center for Black Entrepreneurship
Howard University

Image of a professional man wearing a sport coat and collared shirt

Guest Speakers

Steve Albers
Living Ink Technologies

Hannah Farquar
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Peter Fiske
National Alliance for Water Innovation
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Yuki Hamada
Argonne National Laboratory

Alice Havill
Breakthrough Energy

Axel Palmstrom
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Louis Schick
Clean Energy Ventures

Kelly Schutt
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Cindy Skalicky
On Point Communications

Erika Suzuki
Gamma Reality