The Department of Energy (DOE) entered into its first Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA). The newly established PIA with ENERGYWERX will serve as a platform to broaden the DOE’s engagement and collaborative activities with innovative organizations and novel solution and service providers. Leveraging proven methods and practices, ENERGYWERX will increase cooperative and joint activities between DOE and small business firms, institutes of higher education, non-traditional performers, and innovative collaborators enabling the rapid development, scaling, commercialization, and deployment of relevant technologies and solutions.

For a comprehensive understanding of PIAs, please refer to the "U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY PARTNERSHIP INTERMEDIARY INTERIM PILOT GUIDE". This guide offers detailed information regarding the governance and use of a PIA under the Department's Partnership Intermediary Pilot, aimed to benefit stakeholders across the DOE.

As a DOE Partnership Intermediary, ENERGYWERX will administer programs that accelerate partnership formation in support of DOE’s missions to expand development and deployment of clean energy solutions, heighten energy security, and strengthen national security ecosystems. Other potential PIA activities include: 

  • Facilitating collaboration, matchmaking, networking, and/or connections between DOE programs and projects, DOE National Labs, and external solution providers 
  • Coordinating rapid prototyping, demonstration, deployment, and/or manufacturing 
  • Providing technical assistance to increase outreach and lower barriers of access for domestic small businesses, academic institutions, and other non-traditional partners 
  • Performing technology and market research and scouting 

ENERGYWERX is a partnership that was openly competed and awarded through a Broad Agency Announcement. ENERGYWERX is led by the DOE Office of Technology Transitions and is available to support all DOE program offices.