To better connect students and universities with the necessary resources they need to engage with the Department, OTT has compiled an array of materials to help discover the best and most beneficial path forward.

OTT STEM Toolkit

Cover of University Toolkit & Resource Packet 2021-2022


OTT's University Toolkit & Resource Packet is an informative and comprehensive resource to explore. Resources found in this toolkit include:

  • Energy Efficient Buildings Infrastructure
  • National Laboratory Map & Links to Laboratory Virtual Tool
  • University Focused DOE & Lab Funding Programs
  • Fellowships, Internships, & Trainings
  • Federal Funding Awards Link
  • Resources for Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups



DOE Laboratory Partnership Opportunities for Colleges and Universities

Each year, the Department of Energy cultivates positive and longstanding partnerships with academic institutions. This document details the many different ways for colleges and universities to partner with DOE's National Laboratories and Facilities, as well as a summary of work performed between DOE and academic institutions from FY14-FY18.