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OTT Poster Series Collage

What do radioisotopes, non-toxic alloy replacements, and nanocrystalline steel have in common? All were created in the Department of Energy’s National Labs and showcased in OTT’s Advancing America through Technology Transfer poster series!

To continue on our poster series spotlight, this month we’re highlighting work from Ames Laboratory, Idaho National Lab, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Ames Laboratory

Ames OTT Poster Series

Did you know scientists at Ames National Laboratory discovered a cost-effective and non-toxic alloy replacement as an alternative to highly toxic lead solder?

Lead soldering, a popular technique used in the electronics industry until the early 1990s, often caused concerns due to its disposal—specifically the potential for lead seeping from landfills into the environment.

Ames’ environmentally friendly discovery eliminated this hazardous waste stream and quickly became adopted, licensed, and widely preferred by the worldwide electronics assembly industry.

To learn more about Ames’ tin-silver-copper replacement for traditional lead solder, download the poster here.

Idaho National Laboratory

INL OTT Poster Series

Idaho National Lab’s discovery of a new class of nanostructured steel, lighter and more ductile than conventional material, has revolutionized the manufacturing, mining, and automotive industries.

Nanocrystalline steel delivers superior performance and durability, and the material mimics steel in production processes, empowering manufacturers to embrace conversion by using existing equipment and skills. Better yet, this breakthrough has helped reduce emissions, created safer vehicles, and advanced manufacturing at lower costs.

To learn more about INL’s work in nanocrystalline steel, download the poster here.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORNL OTT Poster Series

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been making waves in the world of radioisotopes since recognizing the unprecedented potential to produce and study them during the history-making Manhattan Project.

Since then, radioisotopes boast a long resume of applications that have greatly improved our lives today, from healthcare (radioisotopes are used in more than 100 million therapies and tests each year to diagnose and treat cancer and heart disease) and counter-terrorism (ORNL’s nickel-63 isotope is used in airport screening and detection) to space exploration (NASA’s Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Galileo, and Cassini spacecraft, and the Mars Curiosity Rover are powered by radioisotope iridium alloy-clad fuel spheres), the impact is immeasurable. ORNL also houses the High Flux Isotope Reactor - one of only two facilities worldwide capable of producing these high-impact particles.

To learn more about ORNL’s work on radioisotopes, download the poster here.


The Advancing America through Technology Transfer poster series from the Office of Technology Transitions celebrates the many innovations coming from the 17 National Laboratories across the DOE complex. To learn more about this series, explore more here.