A right-of-way is a safety zone around Southwestern’s high voltage transmission lines. This safety zone must be kept free of trees, buildings, fences, roads, utility infrastructure, and any other obstacles (referred to as encroachments) that interfere with the safe maintenance and operation of these lines.

Southwestern regularly performs brush clearing and trimming on its transmission system rights-of-way to keep them free from encroachments.

You can help Southwestern protect the public and ensure reliable operation of the bulk electric grid by filling out an Application for Proposed Use of Southwestern Rights-of-Way form prior to any construction on, or alteration to, Southwestern's rights-of-way. This will allow Southwestern’s staff to review any safety or maintenance issues related to the planned encroachment. For more information, please call Southwestern's Realty Office at 918-595-6600

Email Contact: property@swpa.gov