Under the Department of Energy’s order regarding Financial Reporting for Power Marketing Administrations (DOE Order 6120.2), Southwestern conducts power repayment studies each year to determine the amount of revenue required to recover costs assigned to power, including the annual cost of marketing power, the cost of operating and maintaining the generating facilities, and, for the Integrated System and Sam Rayburn, the cost of the original investment in building the facilities, plus interest.

Southwestern conducts repayment studies both for its transmission rates and for the individual power rates of the Integrated System, Sam Rayburn Dam, and Robert D. Willis Dam. Upon completion of the studies, Southwestern conducts a formal public participation process, including solicitation of public comments to address questions, concerns, and comments about the power repayment studies, the rate-making process, and rate schedule actions.

See Rate Schedule Actions for information about specific rate actions. 

Email Contact: swparates@swpa.gov