SRS Donates Rescue Truck to City of Aiken Fire Department

Aiken, S.C. (June 23, 2022) – Savannah River Site officials (SRS) recently donated a heavy rescue truck worth over a $1 million, if purchased new, to the City of Aiken, South Carolina. The truck is designed to transport highly specialized equipment and specially trained personnel to locations where a technical rescue is required.  

Technical rescues can include vehicle extrication and those of a more infrequent nature involving confined space, trenches, structural collapse, water and wilderness search and rescue. These trucks often carry an assortment of supplies and equipment including electrical generators, the Jaws of Life, acetylene torches, winches, cranes, hi-lift jacks, ropes, pullies and wooden support beams.

The City of Aiken’s technical rescue unit is also equipped to rescue large animals, such as horses.

According to Mike Davenport, a volunteer participating within the City of Aiken Technical Rescue Team, coming to the aid of large animals is unusual for most fire and rescue organizations.

SRS emergency services personnel have a long history of supporting fire and rescue units in the counties near the DOE Site through mutual aid agreements.

“We have mutual aid agreements in place with local fire departments throughout Aiken County,” said Rob Still, Chief, SRS Fire Department. “The resources available through these agreements creates an impressive, combined ability handle virtually any emergency response we may encounter.”

According to Lt. Daymon Spann, City of Aiken Fire Department, technical rescue personnel from both the City and SRS train together periodically and work side-by-side during emergencies. The two teams can now act, in essence, as one when duty calls.

“Unfortunately, the collapsing of buildings and trenches and other technical rescue challenges have and will continue to occur. But thanks to our partners at the Savannah River Site and the support we often provide for one another, the employees at SRS and area residents can be reassured we are well equipped and ready to help in their time of need,” he said. “The addition of this truck to our team will greatly reduce our response time and improve our capabilities to better serve our community.”


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SRS donates fire truck.jpg
SRS recently donated a heavy rescue truck designed to transport highly specialized equipment and specially trained personnel to locations where a technical rescue is needed.
SRS donates rescue truck
Firefighter/EMT Greg Watson, Savannah River Site Fire Department, provides an overview of the SRS heavy rescue truck recently donated to the City of Aiken.