Office of Science PuRe Data Resources

Quality data are foundational for scientific advancement. The Department of Energy Office of Science (SC) is committed to supporting high-value community data resources through the SC Public Reusable Research (PuRe) Data Resources program.

SC PuRe Data Resources are data repositories, knowledge bases, analysis platforms, and other activities that make curated data publicly available to further scientific discovery and technical knowledge. Spanning the SC mission space, these data resources include a data center for atmospheric data and model products, data repositories and knowledge bases for biological and environmental research, and a materials database for physical sciences.

Each resource is an authoritative provider of data or capabilities in its respective subject area. Together, these high-quality public resources play a strategic role in advancing the SC mission. They make data easier to access and share across the broader scientific community by striving to be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. As a result, scientists are able to analyze, compare against, and build upon these data, accelerating the pace of future research, scientific discovery, and knowledge creation. 

Learn more about SC PuRe Data Resources here.