Shannon Brescher Shea

Senior Writer/Editor, Office of Science

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Shannon Brescher Shea ( is a senior writer/editor in the Office of Science’s Office of Communication and Public Affairs. As the content team lead, she writes and edits feature stories covering the Office of Science’s discovery research. She also manages the Science Public Outreach Community (SPOC), the community of practice for communicators in the fundamental research area. Previously, she was a communications specialist in the Vehicle Technologies Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. She managed publications, websites, and social media for both Clean Cities (the alternative fuels deployment program) and the Office’s research and development portfolio. She began at the Energy Department in 2008 as a Presidential Management Fellow. In her free time, she enjoys bicycling, gardening, writing, volunteering, and parenting two awesome kids.

Most Recent

Simulating Ice at the Bottom of the World: Modeling the Antarctic Ice Sheets
June 12, 2019
New simulations can help us understand how & why Antarctic ice sheets may retreat in response to climate change.
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Ten Years and Nearly a Billion Dollars: How Project Management Made a Massive X-Ray Light Source Possible
May 28, 2019
One of the biggest projects the Department of Energy’s Office of Science had ever tackled, the NSLS-II put the Office’s management skills to the test.
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Revealing Viruses’ Hidden Influence
May 22, 2019
Researchers are finding new ways to analyze microbial data, allowing them to better understand viruses’ genes and role in the environment.
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Clean Cities Welcomes New North Florida Coalition
June 29, 2016

The Energy Department’s Clean Cities program has welcomed the Northern Florida Clean Fuels Coalition in Jacksonville into its network of nearly 100...

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Annual Merit Review Evaluates Impact of Sustainable Transportation Projects
June 3, 2016

Nearly 400 Energy Department activities and projects will be judged by reviewers from a variety of scientific backgrounds at the Vehicle...

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From Rice Paddies to the Road: Transforming Rice Husks into Lithium-ion Anodes for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
April 27, 2016

Through a project supported by the Energy Department’s Vehicle Technologies Office, researchers at Stanford University have been able to produce...

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Timeline: A Brief History of Oil Prices and Vehicle Technologies
April 13, 2016
Benjamin Franklin once expressed that there are only two things you can count on in life: death and taxes. Transportation analysts might add a thir...
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Energy Saver Tax Tips: Get Money Back for Buying, Charging Plug-in Electric Vehicles
March 21, 2016

Find out if your plug-in electric vehicle, charging station, or other alternative fueling infrastructure qualify you for federal or state tax...

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Making a Difference: Heavy-Duty Combustion Engine Research Saved Billions
December 29, 2015

More than 10 million heavy-duty vehicles drive on U.S. roads each day, hauling goods, transporting people, and performing essential tasks like...

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