The Portsmouth Environmental Information Center (EIC) provides greater accessibility for residents interested in learning more about DOE's environmental management activities being conducted at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. In addition to a searchable online interface, a reading room is available for residents who wish to review material in person at the center. Copies of documents at the EIC can be reproduced free of charge for the public. (Note: Some charges and restrictions may apply based on total volume.)

Document Categories

The EIC contains public copies of major document categories (Administrative Records and Information Repository) as specified by current environmental regulations regarding federal facilities. The Administrative Records and Information Repository serve as vehicles for public participation, meaning these documents are made available to the public for review so members of the community can be better informed on response actions and corrective remedies being taken at the plant.

The Administrative Records consist of environmental restoration documents relied upon to make cleanup decisions. These records include the following documents.

  • Project work plans
  • Facility investigation reports
  • Corrective Measures Study Reports
  • Corrective Measures Implementation Reports
  • Comments during Public Comment Periods
  • Validated Sampling Data
  • Preferred Plans/Decision Documents
  • Assessment Reports

The Information Repository consists of additional documents that provide background information or reference materials on the plant's Environmental Management Program. Besides general environmental documents in the Information Repository, other documents may include the following.

  • Fact sheets
  • Reports on Site Activities
  • Department of Energy Plans and Reports
  • Regulations and Guidelines
  • News Clips

Contact Information

The EIC is located at the Ohio State University Endeavor Center located at 1862 Shyville Road (Room 207), Piketon, Ohio. The EIC is open Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. until noon; and Wednesday and Thursday from noon until 4:00 p.m. After-hours appointments are available by calling (740) 289-8898 or e-mailing

Portsmouth EIC Online Repository can be found at