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The PORTS SSAB is a stakeholder board that provides advice, information, and recommendations on issues affecting the EM program at the DOE Portsmouth site.

The following list includes links to previous recommendations and letters through 2013. For publications prior to 2013, please contact the Portsmouth SSAB office at:

1862 Shyville Road, Suite 119, Piketon, OH 45661  |  phone: 740-289-5249

REC 19-02
RECOMMENDATION 19-02: PORTS EM SSAB Development and Funding of a Sitewide Master Plan
REC 19-01 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 19-01: PORTS EM SSAB Priorities for President's 2020 Budget Request
REC 18-01 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 18-01: PORTS EM SSAB Priorities for President's 2019 Budget Request
REC 17-01 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 17-01: PORTS EM SSAB priorities for President's 2019 Budget Request
REC 16-02 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 16-02: PORTS EM SSAB priorities for President's 2018 Budget Request
REC 16-01 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 16-01: PORTS EM SSAB priorities for continued efforts by DOE to accelerate the D&D project at the site
REC 15-05 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 15-05: PORTS EM SSAB Recommends modification to Waste Disposition Record of Decision (ROD)
REC 15-04 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 15-04: PORTS EM SSAB Recommends DOE Develop a Plan and Funding Profile for PORTS D&D Project
REC 15-02 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 15-02: Reindustrialization and Asset Recovery Supports Community Impact
REC 15-01 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 15-01: Community Investment Provisions for all Future Site Related Contracts and Subcontracts at Piketon
REC 14-02
RECOMMENDATION 14-02: DOE Funding Priorities for the FY 2016 Budget
REC 14-01 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 14-01: PORTS EM SSAB Continued Support of Asset Recovery
Letter 11-06-2014
11-06-2014: Support Letter to Mr. Mark Whitney
REC 13-05 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 13-05: Seek Change to Budget Strategy and Funding Levels to Include Post Operations of the PGDP
REC 13-04
RECOMMENDATION 13-04: PORTS EM SSAB Input Providing Specific Guidance in the Creation of a Final Land Use Plan for the Entire PORTS Reservation
REC 13-03 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 13-03: PORTS EM SSAB Requests DOE Coordinate the Development and Promotion of Traveling Displays to Educate Citizens on Plant History
REC 13-02 and DOE Response
RECOMMENDATION 13-02: PORTS EM SSAB Input Regarding Waste Disposition for the D&D Project at the PGDP
REC 13-01
RECOMMENDATION 13-01: PORTS EM SSAB fully endorses lifting DOE suspension of non-contaminated scrap metals from radiological areas at DOE facilities
Letter 12-10-2013
12-10-2013: Letter to the Honorable Stephen Chu
Letter 12-05-2013
12-05-2013: Budget Letter to Senior Advisor Huizenga
Letter 12-05-2013
12-05-2013: Invitation Letter to Senior Advisor Huizenga