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CAB members tour the C-300 Central Control Facility with a nationwide group of EM SSAB stakeholder boards hosted by the Paducah CAB.

The Paducah CAB is a stakeholder board that provides advice, information, and recommendations on issues affecting the Environmental Management program at the Paducah Site. 

Following is a listing of the CAB's formal Recommendations.  For Recommendations from prior to 2013, please contact the CAB Office at 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah, Kentucky 42001 | phone: 270-554-3004 | email:

Rec 18-02
Recommendation 18-02: PGDP CAB Response to Regulatory Reform Initiative
Rec 18-01
Recommendation 18-01: Support for Demolition of C-400 Cleaning Building
Rec 16-02
Recommendation 16-02: C-400 Interim Remedial Action Phase IIb Steam Injection
Rec 16-01
Recommendation 16-01: DOE Funding Priorities for FY 2018 Budget
Rec 15-05
Recommendation 15-05: Community Guiding Principles for Prioritization
Rec 15-04
Recommendation 15-04: Review of Contracting Practices for Major Cleanup Activities
Rec 15-03
Recommendation 15-03: DOE Funding Priorities for the FY 2017 Budget
Rec 15-02
Recommendation 15-02: Burial Grounds Solid Waste Management Units 5 & 6 Remediation Priorities
Rec 15-01
Recommendation 15-01: Construction of an Onsite Waste Disposal Facility at the PGDP Site
Rec 14-02
Recommendation 14-02: DOE Funding Priorities for the FY 2016 Budget
Rec 14-01
Recommendation 14-01: Maximizing Safety by Promptly Issuing a Notice to Proceed
Rec 13-09
Recommendation 13-09: DOE request an extension for the submission of the Proposed Plan for the Waste Disposal Alternative Evaluation due October 20,
Rec 13-08
Recommendation 13-08: Importance of Safety and Cost Benefits by Initiating Immediate D&D using Current Workforce
Rec 13-07
Recommendation 13-07: Delay of Remedial Action Implementation for the Burial Grounds Operable Unit
Rec 13-06
Recommendation 13-06: Communications Strategy
Rec 13-05
Recommendation 13-05: Seek Change to Budget Strategy to include Post Operations of the PGDP
Rec 13-04
Recommendation 13-04: Prompt Initiation of PGDP Operating Facility Decontamination and Decommissioning after Transition of Leased Buildings to DOE
Rec 13-03
Recommendation 13-03: Recycling
Rec 13-02
Recommendation 13-02: Reallocation of C-400 Phase IIb Resources
Rec 13-01
Recommendation 13-01: PGDP Transition, Decontamination, and Decommissioning