PGDP Deactivation Project

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PGDP Deactivation Project scope major activities:

Site Optimization Studies include:
- Steam, Air, Nitrogen and Chilled Water Optimization Study
- Water Treatment Facility Optimization Study
- C-100 Optimization Study
- Sewer Evaluation Study
Facility Stabilization
  • Preparation and/or removal of nuclear materials and contaminants from facilities.
  • Stabilization activities are performed during early stages of facility deactivation.
Facility Deactivation
  • Removal of radioactive and hazardous materials
  • Shut down facility systems
  • De-energize equipment in preparation for long-term maintenance and cleanup
Infrastructure Optimization
  • Scale down and optimization of utilities including water, sewage treatment, and steam to meet the needs of the project

Scope and Timeline:

Paducah Site Plan for Deactivation timeline 112414.png

Period 1 Task Order Implementation implementation, mobilization and planning from Notice to Proceed through 90 days; concluded October 20, 2014

Period 2 De-Lease Planning and Transfer – preparation of facility transfer and planning of facility modifications; turnover occurred October 21, 2014

Period 3 Facility Deactivation & Infrastructure Optimization – provide utility service, complete Stabilization and Deactivation, perform Surveillance and Maintenance, and implement planned modifications; continues through the end of the Deactivation Task Order

Period 4 Post-GDP Shutdown Environmental Services – transfer and execution of Environmental Services & Waste Management Activities; begins 90 days prior to the end of the Remediation Contract in July 2015 and continues through the end of the Task Order

Period 5 Project Support – activities and resources throughout the performance of the Task Order