April 12, 2022

Ike White Views Cleanup Progress at Portsmouth, Meets With Local Officials

Senior Advisor William “Ike” White and other EM officials recently visited the Portsmouth Site to observe demolition and disposal activities associated with the cleanup program’s mission.

April 1, 2022

Ohio's Valley High School Wins Regional Science Bowl Competition

Valley High School captured first place in this year’s South Central Ohio Regional Science Bowl.

March 15, 2022

DOE Strategy Remains Successful at PPPO Facilities

Managers of the EM sites at Portsmouth, Ohio and Paducah, Kentucky, provided an update at the 2022 Waste Management Symposia last week on cleanup progress at the two locations.

March 8, 2022

Paducah’s Future Brighter With New Efficient Lighting

Daily cost saving measures continue to provide EM’s Paducah Site with a brighter future.

February 28, 2022

Calloway County Middle School Advances to DOE National Science Bowl

Calloway County Middle School Advanced to the DOE National Science Bowl by winning the West Kentucky Regional tournament Feb. 18.

February 22, 2022

DUF6 Facility Returns to Conversion Operations at Paducah Site

One of EM’s two plants that convert depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) to more stable compounds recently returned to conversion operations following a 20-month safety pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

February 18, 2022

Calloway County High School Advances to DOE National Science Bowl

Calloway County High School Advanced to the DOE National Science Bowl by capturing the West Kentucky Regional title on February 4, 2022.

February 8, 2022

In Tune With EM: Guitar-Speaker Company Supplies Safety Earpieces at Paducah

EM and its contractors like to keep their ears open in the local area for small businesses that can help address unexpected problems, especially during the pandemic.

January 25, 2022

Dismantling Paducah Switchyards Supports Local Recycling, EM Cleanup

As EM begins to dismantle four massive electrical switchyards at the Paducah Site, the recycling of recovered materials and components is supporting local economic development while reducing or offsetting cleanup costs at the site.

January 11, 2022

Heath Middle School Student Wins 2022 Design Contest for DOE Science Bowl

Eleanor Polete, a sixth-grader at Heath Middle School, was recently selected as the winner of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) West Kentucky Regional Science Bowl t-shirt design contest for 2022.