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S4 E3: Fully Charged: How Batteries Are Combatting the Climate Crisis

Fully Charged: How Batteries Are Combatting the Climate Crisis

S4 E2: The Extremes of Weather in a Changing Climate

While intense storms have splashed across headlines throughout history, the frequency seems to be increasing. Interviews help us explain how climate modeling is helping scientists predict what may lie ahead. 

S4 E1: Keeping the Lights on in Ukraine

Season 4 of Direct Current opens with a race against the clock, as the Department of Energy joins industry and international partners to send emergency electrical grid components to Ukraine — before Russian attacks plunge the nation into darkness.

Who Cares About Quantum? (Season 4 Teaser)

"Quantum" is everywhere these days — in the news, on TV, in the titles of blockbuster action films — but who really cares? We talked to National Lab quantum scientists Anna Grassellino and David Awschalom about their research and its potential impacts.

People Powered: Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability

For years, Chris Castro worked tirelessly to bring a brighter future to the city of Orlando, Florida. We heard from the (now-former) director of sustainability about how he got his start, his passion for clean energy, and the city's resilience efforts.

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Name Change Initiative

From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's podcast "A Day in the Half-Life" comes this episode about the challenges facing scientists who transition to a new identity — and efforts to get transgender researchers proper credit for their published work.

People Powered: Conrad Flowers, Lead Interconnection Engineer

Conrad Flowers wanted a more fulfilling career, so he followed his passion and took a job in solar energy. Now he’s connecting solar farms to the electric grid and helping train the next generation of engineers.

People Powered: AlexAnna Salmon, Village Council President

AlexAnna Salmon is a fierce advocate for her home, a remote Alaskan town called Igiugig. As village council president, she's working to preserve her tribe's traditional way of life amid a warming climate and a shift from fossil fuels to clean energy.

People Powered: Gaby Ibarra, Building Energy Analyst

Our series highlighting workers in clean energy continues! Gaby Ibarra, a first-generation college student and daughter of immigrants, shares her journey into a new career helping modernize heating and cooling systems for old buildings in New York City.

People Powered: Michael Flores, Wind Technician

In the latest episode of "People Powered," our new series on clean energy careers, wind technician Michael Flores shares what it's like to travel the country and scale 300-foot wind turbines for a living — and why he's sticking with wind for the long run.