AnneMarie Horowitz has been with the Energy Department since 2010, and is a Public Affairs Specialist on the digital team of the Office of Public Affairs. Horowitz manages digital projects and internal employee communications efforts, including special events, the intranet for Department of Energy employees, an internal monthly newsletter, and connecting communicators across the DOE complex in a community of practice.

When Horowitz joined the Office of Public Affairs in 2017 she created STEM Rising, which highlights STEM programs and resources of the agency in a multimedia approach. 

Horowitz founded two active employee resource groups at the Department of Energy: POWER (Professional Opportunities for Women in Energy Realized) and the Emerging Professionals Group. From 2015 - 2017 she served as the Special Advisor on workforce issues for Deputy Secretary of Energy Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall. She has also previously worked in the Under Secretary for Management and Performance and the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity. 

Horowitz created the STEM Rising: Women @ Energy series, featuring profiles of women from the agency who work in STEM careers. She was critical to establishing the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative, a dual-hatted effort of the International Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Ministerial to advance the transition to a clean energy economy by engaging more women in clean energy, and is involved with the U.S. C3E Initiative as an award reviewer and communication. During the Obama Administration she was a DOE designee to the White House Council on Women and Girls. Horowitz was a U.S. delegate to the APEC Women in the Economy Forum in 2014 in Beijing, China.

Horowitz has a BA in Political Science from the University of Portland and a Masters of Government from Johns Hopkins University.