The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Acquisition Forecast contains a list of upcoming contracting and subcontracting opportunities for market research and planning purposes.  The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) has organized this information into several categories to help make it easier for small businesses to search for opportunities and navigate the Department’s complex procurement environment.

Approximately 80% of DOE’s annual procurement base is allocated to the Agency’s Management and Operating Contractors (M&Os), also commonly referred to as Facility Management Contractors (FMCs). For most small businesses, there is essentially no difference between M&Os and FMCs and they are often used interchangeably.  The key is that most Small Business dollars flow through the M&Os and FMCs to Small Business contracting partners as subcontracts.

The procurement opportunities include:

  • Federal Acquisition Forecast - direct procurements with DOE to support DOE Headquarters and the DOE Federal Field Offices and other potential DOE Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) via grants;
  • M&O/FMC Acquisition Forecasts - M&Os/FMCs procurements at DOE contractor managed sites; and
  • Other Federal Agency Procurements -,, FedConnect, and GSA eBuy.

Find an opportunity of interest that you feel your business is qualified to handle, craft a business development strategy, and prepare a capability statement or proposal that responds to DOE’s needs.

  • Allow yourself ample time, typically one to two years, to prepare an approach for fulfilling government requirements.
  • Obtain a copy of the solicitation, which may be in the form of a Request for Quotation (RFQ), or Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Visit the site if tours are offered in the solicitation.
  • Review the statement of work, requirements for security clearances and key personnel, proposal instructions, and evaluation factors.
  • Gather business intelligence on the incumbent, client, and market. Remember, incumbent contractors do not always win their re-competes.
  • Determine if teaming with another company can provide a better solution and consider partnering with companies who already have experience working with DOE. The DOE Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP), is designed specifically to help you with partnering opportunities. Please watch our MPP video and learn how you can take advantage of the program.
  • Consider all contracts, even those of small-dollar value, so your firm can build a successful track record of partnering with DOE.

Please bear in mind that all projected acquisitions and associated information are subject to change, revision, or cancellation.  While the government is providing this Acquisition Forecast, there is no guarantee that the Department will subsequently issue a solicitation for any of this work.


OSDBU captures and consolidates prime contract acquisition forecasts and opportunities across DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).  Engaging in direct contracting with DOE is a great way to get involved with DOE’s breadth of service and supply requirements. This Acquisition Forecast captures all opportunities to support both DOE Headquarters and DOE Federal Field Offices throughout the nation with direct support contracts to DOE.  Contracts awarded directly to the M&Os/FMCs to manage DOE sites are also captured as direct contracts to DOE.

Federal Acquisition Forecast

Search for upcoming federal contracting opportunities in the DOE Headquarters and Federal Field Office Acquisition Forecast.  This forecast is a downloadable excel spreadsheet that businesses can filter for opportunities that best suit their capabilities.

Contracting opportunities on this forecast are cross-referenced via North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes including program description, program office, solicitation method, contracting activity, tentative release dates and tentative award dates.  View the DOE’s top 10 most used NAICS codes in Fiscal Year 2019.

In addition, several Federal Field Offices maintain their own federal acquisition forecasts and portals at the following links:

NM Carlsbad Field Office (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) Carlsbad Field Office/Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
Nationwide EM Sites Nationwide Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center - Acquisition Forecast
Nationwide EM Sites Nationwide Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center - Active Contracts
ID Idaho Operations Office (INL) Idaho Operations Office
CO Golden Field Office (NREL) Golden Field Office
WA Richland and Office of River Protection Field Offices (Hanford Site) Hanford Site (Includes links to the Richland Operations Office (RL), Office of River Protection (ORP) and the Office of Science that manages the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL)
SC Savannah River SiteOperations Office (SRS) Savannah River Operations Office

DOE Federal Grants and Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

In addition to procurement opportunities, DOE provides many additional funding opportunities in federal research and development areas that encourage small businesses participation. Programs include the Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR); and other grants available through Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs).  These include grants, scholarships, and other funding opportunities described in the links below:

SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunities, and

FOAs and Grants.

For more information, please visit FOAs and grants page of this website.

Expiring Contract List

The Expiring Contract List is yet another way to search for upcoming contracting or subcontracting opportunities.  This list shows contracts that will be expiring within the next two years.  Bear in mind, there is no guarantee that any contract on this list will necessarily be rebid.  For your convenience, the list is broken down into two filterable excel tabs - contracts under $250,000 and contracts over $250,000.  A business can filter the list for opportunities that match their areas of expertise or products they sell.  This list is updated every month on a rolling two-year basis.  It also shows whether there is any preference for small and disadvantaged businesses on a given solicitation.

View the Expiring Contract List.


Annually, DOE allocates approximately 80% of its procurement budget to its M&Os/FMCs operating DOE sites across the country.  Each M&O/FMC has the responsibility for managing and operating a particular DOE site and has its own subcontracting authority.  Due to the unique nature of the DOE M&O/FMC contracting procurement environment, billions of dollars of first-tier subcontracting get awarded to small businesses on an annual basis. The Management and Operating First-Tier Subcontract Reporting Capability (MOSRC) allows SBA to credit DOE with all first-tier M&O/FMC small business subcontracts awarded in calculating DOE’s prime award grade from the SBA.  It provides transparency and gives DOE full credit for awards to small businesses. 

This section is divided into three categories and organized by State/Place of Performance:

  • M&O/FMC Acquisition Forecasts;
  • M&O/FMC Small Business Vendor Registration Sites; and
  • Other Procurement Information from M&O/FMC Contractors.

All lists are in alphabetical order by Site name.

M&O/FMC Acquisition Forecasts

The links below provide access to M&O/FMC acquisition forecasts for subcontractors to support their efforts.

M&O/FMC Vendor Registration Sites

The links below provide access to M&O/FMC vendor registration sites where small businesses can register to be considered as a vendor or supplier supporting the M&O/FMC at that site through subcontracting opportunities. 

M&O/FMC Other Procurement Information

Many M&O/FMC contractors maintain websites with other valuable information to assist small businesses, including:

  • Calendars featuring small business events being held by M&O/FMC contractors;
  • Small business tools, such as sample business plans;
  • Required DOE subcontract language; and
  • Contact information for M&O/FMC procurement professionals.


System for Award Management (SAM), found at, is a system created to help small businesses interested in doing business with the government to research active opportunities. Organizations across the Federal Government publish notices on proposed contract actions valued at more than $25,000. These notices, or contract opportunities, cover announcements through official solicitations in the pre-award process.

FedConnect can help those who seek grants or assistance funding. Do you want the Federal Government to buy your products or services? Every day, FedConnect helps over 100,000 vendors and grant applicants, find, respond to and win opportunities for contracts, grants, and other types of assistance funding.

GSA eBuy is a powerful and intuitive acquisition tool used by thousands of federal agencies and military services worldwide to find suppliers.  GSA eBuy has several key features:

  • Reduces the cost of finding government business opportunities;
  • Increases sales potential by becoming more aware of new business opportunities;
  • Expands customer bases by providing valuable information of the federal, state, and local government marketplace;
  • Provides ability to communicate requirements and quotations via web and e-mail;
  • Saves time since business opportunities and quotations are sent electronically; and
  • Helps establish new business relationships.