Our mission is to remove environmental legacies resulting from more than 60 years nuclear weapons development and government-sponsored nuclear energy research. Each of Oak Ridge’s three primary cleanup sites face unique challenges that threaten safety and hinder the Department’s missions.

Protecting the Region’s Health and Environment

Our employees understand that their progress enhances the health and safety of the region. At ETTP, we are removing contaminated facilities. At Y-12, we are finding ways to contain and remove mercury from the environment, and at ORNL, we are focused on eliminating waste inventories and reducing nuclear and radiological risks.

Ensuring the Department’s Vital Missions of Science, Energy, and National Security

Cleanup at ORNL removes risks and outdated facilities for the scientists who are conducting the Department’s most advanced energy, neutron, computational, and materials research. At Y-12, we are working to remove mercury, demolish dilapidated facilities, and modernize the site allowing NNSA to incorporate new facilities and missions for national security.

Making Clean Land Available for Future Use

Without EM, risks would remain that bar new development and economic growth regionally. As cleanup advances, the Department is able to open more facilities and land for reuse and development.

Our vision is a clean, modernized, and reindustrialized Oak Ridge that is capable of advancing the Energy Department’s vital missions.

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