On July 17, 2023, an Administrative Judge determined that an Individual should be granted access authorization under 10 C.F.R. Part 710. In 2015, the Individual accepted a position with a DOE contractor and relocated to a city near a DOE site. The Individual was unable to work during the review of his eligibility for access authorization, and he incurred significant credit card debt during this time to pay for household necessities. Eventually, the Individual took another job but was unable to make the minimum payments on the credit card debt which was referred to collections. The Individual was later hired by a DOE contractor and, in March 2022, he submitted a Questionnaire for National Security Positions in which he disclosed the credit card debt.  At the hearing, the Individual testified that the statute of limitations for the collection of the credit card debt had expired and submitted evidence establishing that he was in good standing on all of his financial obligations and had made timely monthly payments on all of his routine financial accounts for at least four years. Therefore, the Administrative Judge determined that the Individual had resolved the security concerns under Guideline F and should be granted access authorization. (OHA Case No. PSH-23-0083, Harmonick)