On March 28, 2023, an Administrative Judge determined that an Individual's access authorization should be restored under 10 C.F.R. Part 710. During a routine reinvestigation of his eligibility for access authorization, the Individual disclosed that he had obtained a medical marijuana card and used small quantities of marijuana while holding access authorization. At the hearing, the Individual testified that he had "microdosed" marijuana for two months for a medicinal purpose, promptly discontinued marijuana use when he learned that it was prohibited under Federal law despite his possession of a state-issued medical marijuana card, and had no intention of using marijuana in the future. In light of the Individual's exercise of trustworthiness and good judgment in voluntarily disclosing his marijuana use, the minor security risks posed by his prior marijuana use, and his commitment to abstaining from marijuana in the future, the Administrative Judge determined that the Individual had resolved the security concerns under Guideline H and was not prohibited from holding access authorization pursuant to the Bond Amendment. Therefore, the Administrative Judge determined that the Individual's access authorization should be restored. (OHA Case No. PSH-23- 0026, Harmonick)