On May 12, 2022, an Administrative Judge (AJ) determined that the Individual's access authorization under 10 C.F.R. Part 710 should be granted.  The Individual had a history of four alcohol-related arrests and had been diagnosed by a DOE Psychologist with Alcohol Use Disorder ( AUD).

After the Hearing, the AJ found that the Individual had provided credible testimony, partially corroborated by laboratory results, that he had abstained from alcohol use for nine and a half months . In addition, the AJ noted, the Individual had submitted evidence showing that he completed alcohol treatment and education programs (and continues to attend one of those programs as an alumnus ), and has received individual counseling for substance abuse.

The Individual, who refers to himself as "an alcoholic," clearly acknowledged his AUD and provided compelling evidence that he has taken action to overcome his alcohol problem, including abstaining from alcohol use for nine and a half months, attending and completing the alcohol treatment and education group programs, attending individual counseling, and compellingly articulating an understanding and acceptance of his alcoholism. The AJ found that though these efforts at rehabilitation, the Individual demonstrated that he had developed a strong and effective toolset allowing him to address any future challenges that his alcohol use disorder may present to him. The AJ also noted the favorable prognosis regarding the Individual's AUD attested to by the Psychologist and the Individual's Counselor. Accordingly, The AJ found that the Individual had provided more than adequate evidence of rehabilitation and reformation to mitigate and resolve the security concerns raised by his AUD and his history of four alcohol-related arrests.

The AJ found the Individual's criminal activity concerns are inextricably linked to his AUD, noting that each of these arrests occurred after an incident in which the Individual was intoxicated. The AJ found that since the Individual has convincingly shown that he is rehabilitated or reformed from his AUD, the root cause of his criminal activity had been successfully addressed.

The AJ therefore concluded that the Individual's access authorization should be granted. (OHA Case No. PSH-22-0032, Fine)