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Below is a listing of all the presidential permits grouped by Canada and Mexico.

View the Presidential Permits - Canada

View the Presidential Permits - Mexico

Presidential Permits - Canada

Docket No.CompanyDate Issued
PP-481CHPE LLC7/21/2020
PP-82-6Vermont Transco LLC5/24/2019
PP-82-5Highgate Joint Owners1/8/2018
PP-435Houlton Water Company11/17/2017
PP-371Northern Pass Transmission11/16/2017
PP-412ITC Lake Erie Connector1/12/2017
PP-400TDI-New England12/5/2016
PP-398Minnesota Power - Great Northern Transmission Line11/15/2016
PP-82-4Joint Owners of the Highgate5/3/2016
PP-399Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. (MATL)1/30/2015

Presidential Permits - Mexico

Docket No.CompanyDate Issued
PP-420Nogales Transmission L.L.C.10/10/2018
PP-423AEP Texas Inc. (423)2/13/2017
PP-424AEP Texas Inc. (424)2/13/2017
PP-425AEP Texas Inc. (425)2/13/2017

For Presidential Permits older than 2015, click HERE.