• Quadrennial Energy Review: Second Installment (January 2017)
    The second installment of the QER, titled “Transforming the Nation’s Electricity System”, is a thorough, analytically rigorous treatment of the nation’s electricity systems from generation, through transmission and distribution to the ultimate end use by consumers.
  • "Energizing Policy Evolution for the Grid Revolution" White Paper (September 2016)
     Examining the landscape of new technologies that may disrupt electric sector markets, operations, and planning over the next 20 to 25 years, and highlighting the potential laws, rules, and regulations that may need reexamination in light of these changes. 
  • Materials from 2016 Reliability & Markets Peer Review (June 2016)
    The Reliability and Markets activity of OE’s Transmission Reliability Program researches, develops, and implements infrastructure to ensure electric reliability while improving the efficiency and economics of market operations. 
  • Energy Storage System Guide for Compliance with Safety Codes and Standards (June 2016)
    Under the Energy Storage Safety Strategic Plan, an Energy Storage Safety initiative has been underway since July 2015. One of three key components of that initiative involves codes, standards and regulations impacting the timely deployment of safe energy storage systems.