The Grid Project Impact Quantification (Grid Project IQ) screening tool provides versatile insight into smart grid related technology deployments. Implementing new policies or installing new technologies in the grid can have surprising and significant effects throughout the interconnected power system, driven not only by the project details, but also by its geographical location and other context. Grid Project IQ helps users quickly explore the outcomes of adding a new project to an existing power system from a web browser. The tool guides users through steps to understand how specific projects will change the baseline electric load profile, and traces such changes through to their impacts on system performance. Grid Project IQ supports quick comparisons of varying grid scenarios.

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As part of its efforts to provide decision support tools to the electric power industry, the Department of Energy's Office of Electricity's Advanced Grid Research and Development Division recruited the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to develop a screening tool to understand the potential benefits that can result from deployment of the smart grid.

The calculator was implemented by PNNL's Electricity Infrastructure and Buildings Division, which delivers advanced research concepts and innovations to improve the performance of the nation's power systems, enhance its security and position the grid as a central asset for national strategic imperatives.

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