New and returning members of the Electricity Advisory Committee will advise on electricity resilience, reliability, security, interdependencies, and policy issues.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the new and returning members of the Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC), an important component of DOE’s strategy to improve its research and development portfolio and program activities. Each member is appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Energy for a two-year term. The group works with the DOE’s Assistant Secretary for Electricity and meets three times a year to advise DOE on a variety of electricity issues. The members of the EAC are from state governments, regional planning entities, utility companies, cyber security and national security firms, the natural gas sector, equipment manufacturers, construction and architectural companies, non-governmental organizations, and other electricity-related organizations.

“Coordinating with passionate and dedicated industry stakeholders helps the Department achieve its mission,” said Acting Assistant Secretary of Electricity, Patricia Hoffman. “The EAC continues to deepen industry and government collaboration to increase electric grid resiliency, reliability, and security efforts. The EAC’s expertise and feedback is indispensable to our strategic planning, and I’d like to thank them for their unwavering commitment to the electricity sector.”

During their term, the EAC members will advise DOE on current and future electric grid reliability, resilience, security, sector interdependence, and policy issues. They will periodically review and make recommendations on DOE electric grid-related programs and initiatives, including electricity-related R&D programs and modeling efforts. Members will also identify emerging issues related to electricity production and delivery and advise on Federal coordination with utility industry authorities in the event of supply disruptions and other emergencies.

The EAC Chair is Wanda Reder of Grid-X Partners, LLC and the Vice-Chair is Michael Heyeck of the Grid Group, LLC.  The new and returning members of the EAC are listed alphabetically below:


New Members

Lauren Azar, Founder
Azar Law LLC

Andrew Barbeau, President
The Accelerate Group (Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition)

Jennifer Chen, President

Sari Fink, Senior Director; Electricity and Transmission Policy
American Clean Power Association

Lisa Frantzis, Senior Managing Director
Advanced Energy Economy

Brian Harrell, Vice President and Chief Security Officer

Phil Herman, Senior Vice President, Energy, and Infrastructure
Blink Charging

Mario Hurtado, Chief Regulatory Officer
Luma Energy, LLC

Lynne Kiesling, Research Professor, College of Engineering, Design and Computing
University of Colorado – Denver

Brian Lipscomb, CEO
Energy Keepers

Monica Martinez, Owner and Principal
Ruben Strategy Group LLC

Jessica Matthews, Founder and CEO
Uncharted Power, Inc.

Samara Moore, Security Assurance Senior Manager and Global Energy Specialist
Amazon Web Services

Ramya Swaminathan, CEO
Malta, Inc.

Returning Members

Sharon Allan, Chief Strategy Officer
Smart Electric Power Alliance

Christopher Ayers, Executive Director
North Carolina Utilities Commission Public Staff

Tom Bialek, Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Brooks, Vice President of Integrated Grid
Electric Power Research Institute

Robert Cummings, President
Red Yucca Power Consulting

Kimberly Denbow, Senior Director of Security, Operations, & Engineering Services
American Gas Association

Andrew Fellon, President
Alliance Advisory Services

Flora Flygt, Strategic Planning & Policy Advisor
American Transmission Company (Ret.)

Sheri Givens, Vice President, US Regulatory & Customer Strategy, National Grid
National Grid

Dave Herlong, Senior Director, Central Maintenance and Construction
Florida Power & Light Company

Michael Heyeck, Founder
The Grid Group, LLC.

Lola Infante, Executive Director, Government and External Affairs
Electric Power Research Institute

Clay Koplin, CEO
Cordova Electric Cooperative

Robert M. Lee, CEO

Nicole Lowen, Member
Hawaii House of Representatives

Jay Morrison, Chief Legal Officer
ElectriCities of NC

Richard Mroz, Managing Director
Resolute Strategies, LLC

Don Parsons, Member
Georgia House of Representatives

Delia Patterson, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Communications and General Counsel
American Public Power Association

Darlene Phillips, Senior Director, Operations Engineering Support
PJM Interconnection LLC

Wanda Reder, Managing Director, Wholesale Electricity Market
Grid-X Partners, LLC

Paul Stockton, President
Paul N. Stockton LLC

Tom Weaver, Manager, Distribution Systems Planning
American Electric Power Company Inc. (Ret.)