Cover for the system in transition report

A System in Transition: The Influence of Next Generation Technologies presents the findings and guidance from multiple conversations with regulators across the country regarding the representative technologies of advanced metering infrastructure, distribution controls, electric vehicles, data access, and governance. The report presents macrotrends and common challenges, while highlighting lessons learned and advice that participants might give to fellow regulators. The report also provides examples of rulings, orders, and resources that can assist commissions as they develop strategies and policies and evaluate utility plans and investments.
This report was developed as part of the Office of Electricity’s Voices of Experience program, an initiative to collect the experiences, insights, and lessons learned of utility representatives implementing emerging technology. The program compiles the valuable insights and advice provided by utility personnel through working group discussions, regional meetings, and individual interviews. The purpose of the program is to share industry knowledge so that utilities can better prepare for the operational challenges faced when interconnecting the new resources and testing the emerging technology.