The Transmission Reliability Program Peer Review included six sessions over 2 days on June 27 - 28, 2013. Presentations are available through the individual session links. The agenda and introduction by Joe Eto, LBNL, are available below.

Day 1: June 27
  • Session I
    1. Baselining Studies and Analysis, Bharat Bhargava, EPG
    2. Baselining Studies and Analysis, Brett Amidan, PNNL
    3. Synchrophasor Standards Support and Development, Ken Martin, EPG
  • Session II
    1. Advanced Synchrophasor Metrology, Stan Hadley, ORNL
    2. GPS Issue Management, Mark Buckner, ORNL
    3. Technology Assessment for Next Generation PMU, Mark Buckner, ORNL
  • Session III
    1. Measurement-Based Stability Assessment, Dan Trudnowski, U. Montana
    2. Mode Meter Development, Ning Zhou, PNNL
    3. Spectral Analysis of Power Grid PMU Data, Ning Zhou, PNNL
    4. Modal Analysis for Grid Operations (MANGO), Ning Zhou, PNNL
  • Session IV
    1. Dynamic System Identification Toolbox Capabilities Update, Frank Tuffner, PNNL
    2. Model Validation Project, Bernie Lesieutre, U. Wisconsin
    3. Analysis of Emerging Multi-Terminal HVDC, Harold Kirkham, PNNL
    4. Wind power plant modeling and stability analysis using PMUs, Yingchen (YC) Zhang, NREL
Day 2: June 28
  • Session V
    1. Synchrophasor Data Validation, Ken Martin, EPG
    2. Synchrophasor Data Conditioning and Validation, Jim Thorp, Virginia Tech
    3. Voltage Stability, Joe Chow, RPI
    4. Development and Testing Oscillation Management System (OSM), Vaithianathan (Mani) Venkatasubramanian, Washington State
  • Session VI
    1. Automatic Reliability Reports (ARR) Research & Implementation, Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia and Pete Sauer, U. Illinois
    2. Automatic Reliability Reports (ARR) Research & Implementation, Carlos Martinez, ASR, Inc.
    3. Reliability Standards Analysis and Assessment, Gil Tam, EPG