The Four Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs is designed to establish a program under which the Secretary shall provide funding for eligible projects that contribute to the development of four regional direct air capture hubs.



Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations

New Program:


Funding amount:


Funding Mechanism:

Grant, Cooperative Agreement, or Other


Technology Developers, Industry, Utilities, Universities, National Laboratories, Engineering and Construction firms, State and Local Governments, Tribal, Environmental Groups, and Community Based Organizations.

Period of Availability:

$700,000,000 annually for the period of fiscal years 2022 through 2026 (to remain available until expended)

More Information

Eligible Uses

A regional direct air capture hub that:

  • Facilitates the deployment of direct air capture projects;
  • Has the capacity to capture and sequester, utilize, or sequester and utilize at least 1,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually from a single unit or multiple interconnected units;
  • Demonstrates the capture, processing, delivery, and sequestration or end-use of captured carbon; and
  • Could be developed into a regional or interregional carbon network to facilitate sequestration or carbon utilization.

Program Announcements

Next Milestone

  • Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs Funding Opportunity Announcement. Letters of Intent were due by February 17, 2023. Full applications were due on March 13, 2023.
  • DOE is committed to hearing from the local community and is co-hosting in-person meetings in Texas and Louisiana this fall. These in-person community briefings are for the local host community to hear directly from the DAC Hubs selectee and DOE about the proposed DAC Hub projects and potential community benefits. If you are a local member of the community and interested in attending, please register here for the Texas meeting and here for the Louisiana meeting. The DAC projects have not been awarded and are in currently in negotiations with the DOE. If projects are awarded, DOE and the awardee will have frequent, meaningful engagement with the impacted local community and impacted workers throughout the lifecycle of the project. If you have any questions, please contact: or

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