The Carbon Management portfolio contains three programs: the Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program, the Carbon Capture Large-Scale Pilot Programs, and Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs. These new programs will help accelerate the demonstration and deployment of carbon management technologies, supporting efforts to create good-paying manufacturing jobs, reduce pollution to deliver healthier communities, and reinforce America’s global competitiveness in the clean energy technologies of the future. 


separation and compression units for use in recovery and storage of CO2.



Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program

The Carbon Capture Demonstration Program provides $2.5 billion to develop six carbon capture facilities to significantly improve the efficiency, effectiveness, costs, emissions reductions, and environmental performance of coal and natural gas use.

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Carbon Capture Large-Scale Pilot Programs

The Carbon Capture Large-Scale Pilot Programs are designed to establish a carbon capture technology program for the development of transformational technologies.

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Petra Nova in Texas is the world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture system, capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by burning coal for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR).



carbon capture


Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs

Designed to establish a program under which the Secretary shall provide funding for eligible projects that contribute to the development of four regional direct air capture hubs.

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