The Energy Storage Demonstration and Pilot Grant Program is designed to enter into agreements to carry out 3 energy storage system demonstration projects.


Bureau or Account:

Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations

New Program:


Funding amount:


Funding Mechanism:

Grant, Cooperative Agreement, or Other


Technology Developers, Industry, State and Local Governments, Tribal Organizations, Community Based Organizations, National Laboratories, Universities, and Utilities.

Period of Availability:

Available until expended

More Information

Eligible Uses

(i) To improve the security of critical infrastructure and emergency response systems.

(ii) To improve the reliability of transmission and distribution systems, particularly in rural areas, including high-energy cost rural areas.

(iii) To optimize transmission or distribution system operation and power quality to defer or avoid costs of replacing or upgrading electric grid infrastructure, including transformers and substations.

(iv) To supply energy at peak periods of demand on the electric grid or during periods of significant variation of electric grid supply.

(v) To reduce peak loads of homes and businesses.

(vi) To improve and advance power conversion systems.

(vii) To provide ancillary services for grid stability and management.

(viii) To integrate renewable energy resource production.

(ix) To increase the feasibility of microgrids (grid-connected or islanded mode).

(x) To enable the use of stored energy in forms other than electricity to support the natural gas system and other industrial processes.

(xi) To integrate fast charging of electric vehicles.

(xii) To improve energy efficiency.

Next Milestone

Estimated application opening date is Q3 of CY 2023.

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