The Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System (NMMSS) provides mission-critical data analytics, products, and services to inform and advance U.S. government policies and nuclear material accountancy related to domestic and international safeguards, nonproliferation, national security, and global commerce for peaceful uses of nuclear material.

NMMSS is the U.S. government’s official program to track movements, uses, and inventories of U.S. nuclear materials. These include domestically held source and special nuclear material and imports and exports of nuclear materials into and from the United States. NMMSS also tracks nuclear materials owned by the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for financial, materials management, and safeguards purposes.

As the State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material, NMMSS fulfills the U.S. nuclear material reporting commitments to the international community including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) under voluntary safeguards agreements, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Cooperation Agreements, and other bilateral and multilateral agreements. 

NMMSS is co-sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and managed by the NNSA Office of Nuclear Materials Integration.

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NMMSS’ activities directly influence the nuclear and national security of the United States. Its products and services are used by a diverse cross-section of stakeholders to support policy, programmatic, and mission decisions.

Entities within both the Executive and the Legislative branches of the U.S. government, the NRC, NNSA organizations, IAEA, and other governments, routinely receive and use NMMSS data. The timeliness and credibility of resultant insights and takeaways is crucial. Key products and services include:

  • Reconciliation of inventories for all commercial and government-owned nuclear materials. These include every aspect of the nuclear fuel cycle involving entities licensed by the NRC and nuclear operations taking place at DOE and NNSA sites.
  • Management of peaceful use obligations. The accounting for and tracking of material subject to obligations facilitate U.S. trade in nuclear material and equipment with foreign countries consistent with Agreement for Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation.
  • Tracking of imports and exports of nuclear materials. The United States plays a pivotal role in advancing the global peaceful use of nuclear energy, international transfers of nuclear materials, and transatlantic and transpacific commerce.
  • IAEA system of record for accounting and control of nuclear materials. In particular, U.S. commitments related to notification of imports and exports and application of safeguards in the United States.
  • Maintain records of all U.S. nuclear materials, including inventory, movements, production, consumption, and losses, from the 1940s to the present.
  • Unclassified updates of plutonium and highly enriched uranium declarations.
  • Outreach, awareness, and training. These include engagement and interactions with domestic stakeholders and international counterparts.

Department of Energy

Some DOE and NRC directives outline specific objectives and metrics that the NMMSS program directly supports.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

International Reporting

The import and export of nuclear materials is a tightly controlled and regulated process. It is executed through possession of the applicable NRC import/export licenses, bilateral agreements which contain the requirements on the exclusively peaceful use of transferred nuclear material, and the application of IAEA safeguards. Frequently, the imports and exports also include additional country-specific restrictions and limitations on the use and/or subsequent transfer of the material. NMMSS fulfills the U.S. Government’s voluntary reporting commitments to the IAEA as set forth in the agreements below:

NMMSS also provides analytical reports to other U.S. agencies and NNSA organizations in support of Peaceful Use Nuclear Cooperative Agreements.

NMMSS developed the SAfeguards Management Software (SAMS) that is freely available to any facility that reports to NMMSS. This software kit provides NMMSS users with a method of electronically validating, storing, and submitting transaction, inventory, and material balance data. Email the NMMSS mailbox at to obtain the installation kit or with any questions.

Facilities can request numerous inventory and transaction reports that can be automatically provided on a regular basis. These interim reports can help ease the burden of annual and semiannual reporting by providing facilities with a snapshot of their current inventory reporting status. Please contact NMMSS for a complete list of available reports.

NMMSS Annual Training Meeting

Schedule of upcoming NMMSS classes

NMMSS provides virtual training on a periodic basis. To register for a class, please send your contact information (name, organization/affiliation, address, email, and phone) to

Please email the NMMSS mailbox to receive the resources listed below:

DOE Guidance Documents

  • Orientation Guides for SAMS Software
  • D-23 Personal Computer Data Input for DOE Contractors
  • D-025 COEI CODES
  • DOE O 470.4B
  • DOE O 474.2 Chg 4
  • Current Fiscal Year Project Number Guidance
  • NMMSS Users Guide Rev. 2.1

NRC Guidance Documents

  • Orientation Guides for SAMS Software
  • D-24 Personal Computer Data Input for NRC Licensees
  • D-025 COEI CODES
  • NRC Regulatory Guide 5.29
  • NUREG BR-0006, Rev. 9
  • NUREG BR-0007, Rev. 8

International Document References

  • Folder: IAEA Information Circular
  • INFCIRC/207
  • INFCIRC/288
  • INFCIRC/366
  • Foreign Obligation Codes
  • List of 123 Agreements
  • Types of U.S. Peaceful Use Agreement Communications

NMMSS Annual Users Training Meeting Presentations
The presentations from the Annual Users Training Meetings from 2011-present are available upon request.

NMMSS Newsletters
The NMMSS Newsletters from 2004-present are available upon request.