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Due to COVID-19, the NNSA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) program staff are experiencing significant delays in receiving and processing FOIA requests. We ask that FOIA requesters continue to submit their requests to Submissions are still accepted, but responses will be delayed.

Please contact the NNSA FOIA program office at if you have questions about FOIA requests.

* Requests submitted under the Privacy Act must be signed and, therefore, cannot be submitted on this form.

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Describe the specific record (s) you seek with sufficient detail that a knowledgeable official of the activity may locate the record with a reasonable amount of effort. Such detail should include: dates, titles, file designations, and offices to be searched. Since most DOE records are not retained permanently, the more information that you provide, the better the opportunity there is to determine if the records involved still exist and where. The FOIA clearly states that records must exist at the time the request is submitted.
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