Deirdre Spaulding-Yeoman
Deirdre Spaulding-Yeoman

The National Nuclear Security Administration is celebrating the women who make up the backbone of our Enterprise. These women work across areas like project management, maintenance, disposition, sustainability and more. Their contributions and accomplishments are what make our workforce so incredible, and their backgrounds and expertise ensure that workforce is just as vibrant and important as the missions they support.

Title: General Engineer – Review Planning and Support
Program/Office: NA-APM-1.1
Years in infrastructure: 25

How did you become interested in infrastructure or what was your career path to this point?

I completed a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Howard University. During my undergraduate years, I worked summers and holidays at the U.S. Patent Office. After completing my degree, I worked for four years with PEPCO, the local power company, where I designed the underground electrical distribution system from the roadway to the commercial building’s electrical room.

I spent most of my career, over 20 years, with the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, during which time I was with the CIA for two years. At the U.S. NRC, I was a technical reviewer and a project manager. As a technical reviewer, I determined the regulatory and technical acceptability of changes to a nuclear plant’s instrumentation and control system. As a project manager, I coordinated the review across all the engineering disciplines for modifications to the nuclear plants reactor protection system. I also took part in, or led, inspections and audits at nuclear power plants.

Describe a proud moment or accomplishment?

Completing my Doctor of Science in Engineering Management from George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Why do you like working for NNSA?

I identify with the mission of NNSA. I am afforded the opportunity to take part in reviews where I have led subcommittees providing feedback that adds value, as well as identifying areas to improve effectiveness and efficiencies in capital asset projects. 

What advice would you give to young people considering a similar career?

Master your area of work. Seek mentors. Understand how what you do fits into the big picture. Be a lifelong learner.

*This is part of an ongoing series for Women’s History Month to recognize women in infrastructure at NNSA*