Portrait of R. Earl Parker
R. Earl Parker Jr.

The dedication, professionalism and skills of NNSA’s federal and contractor security staff across the Enterprise ensure that our national security mission is successfully accomplished every day of the year. Spotlight on Security is a series of profiles of some of the outstanding personnel who help protect NNSA’s assets and people.

R. Earl Parker, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Operations Manager, Sandia Field Office

How long have you been with NNSA?

I have been with NNSA since July 2020.


What are your job responsibilities?

I am the Sandia Field Office Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Operations Manager and Special Access Program Security Coordinator.


What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?

My greatest professional achievement is something that never happened. It is a security incident that would have happened if not for daily efforts by me and other security specialists at NNSA and our partner organizations. Success in security is best measured by the events that never happen.


Parker rides a mountain bike in a race on a course with other bikers behind him.
Parker is an avid mountain biker with the Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association.

Do you belong to any organizations/clubs outside of work?

I’m a member of the Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association and Roadrunner Curling Club. AMBA fosters mountain biking awareness, promotes trail stewardship, works with land managers to promote mountain biking, and introduces people to mountain biking. The Roadrunner Curling Club promotes the sport of curling in central New Mexico with training classes and recreational leagues.


What is an accomplishment in your life in which you take great pride?

One of my greatest accomplishments was selection to serve as a Marine Security Guard at U.S. embassies in Egypt and Vietnam.


What are your top three goals for your NNSA career?

My top three goals for my NNSA career: continue to be a successful security professional (prevent significant security incidents); continue to advance in the security field, increasing my influence and impact on overall security operations at NNSA; continue to balance work goals with family goals, maintain a work/life balance that is sustainable and provides the greatest positive impact for my career and life outside of work.

Parker stands in front of curling stones at an ice rink. He is crouching on the ice and holding a curling broom.
Parker is a member of the Roadrunner Curling Club.