Pantex Egg Drop Competition
River Road’s Ryder Diaz showing his team’s broken results.
Egg Drop Competition
Discovery Center staff dropping the first egg.

Fifteen Pantexans volunteered as judges at the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering’s 6th Annual Egg Drop Competition this past November. Held at Amarillo’s Don Harrington Discovery Center, the competition required students in grades 5–12 to design and construct an Egg Drop Mechanism to release from a height of 20 feet, testing their engineering, math, and physics skills with a fun, real-world application.

Consolidated Nuclear Security is committed to STEM education and the Egg Drop Competition is a fun and engaging way to reach students around the area.

"It's always a great moment seeing students engage and interact in STEM activities. That's one of the reasons I enjoy working with the Egg Drop competition,” Chantel Jones, Pantexan and TAME Co-coordinator said. “I also enjoy seeing the volunteers engage with the students and the students taking something they've learned and applying it to the next competition."

Fifty-three teams and eight schools competed in the event.

Lorenzo de Zavala took first place in 5th/6th grade with 97 points, Atkins Middle School placed first in 7th/8th grade with 117 points, New Home placed first in 9th/10th grade with 50 points, and New Home also took first place in 11th/12th grade with 115 points. The winning team for Lean Green was Irons Middle School, while the winning team for ingenuity was River Road Middle School.

Pantex Egg Drop Competition
NNSA’s Ta’keria Benoit explaining what forms the students will need to fill out.
Pantex Egg Drop Competition
CNS/Pantex’s Dominic Cortez describing how the judging works.