Milestone achieved on UPF Project at Y-12
Milestone achieved on UPF Project at Y-12

WASHINGTON – The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration’s Uranium Processing Facility Project has reached a significant milestone with all buildings being fully enclosed, or “in the dry.”

“Achieving this milestone is a key accomplishment as UPF construction continues eliminating weather related schedule risk allowing uninterrupted equipment and commodity installation,” said Bob Raines, NNSA Associate Administrator for Acquisition and Project Management. “UPF is a vital part of modernizing our nuclear infrastructure to meet national security needs now and well into the future, and I am proud of what the team has accomplished.”

The UPF Project is being built through a series of seven subprojects. The first three, which prepared the site for construction, provided necessary infrastructure to support construction, and commissioned a new electrical substation to support the UPF project and the Y-12 National Security Complex, completed on-time and under budget. The remaining four are under way.

The UPF Project supports NNSA’s Uranium Mission Strategy which ensures the long-term viability, safety, and security of enriched uranium capabilities in the United States. The multiple-building complex allows each facility to be constructed to the safety and security requirements for its function, promoting cost-saving opportunities in construction and equipment installation.

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