KCNSC Building 23
KCNSC Building 23

In late February, NNSA completed the purchase of Building 23 for the Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) to provide 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space for KCNSC’s expanding workload. This purchase strengthens NNSA’s long-term national security mission in Missouri and will benefit the local economy by adding high-paying manufacturing and technical jobs. The building was purchased for $38.8 million.

Prior to the purchase, NNSA occupied a portion of this building as a tenant. NNSA’s continuing nuclear security priorities require long-term, stable use of the entire facility. Specifically, Building 23 will expand NNSA’s manufacturing capabilities and serve as a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing training center that will help KCNSC train its workforce.

KCNSC continues to be a critical component of the nuclear security mission as the manufacturer of non-nuclear components that go into the nuclear stockpile. Ownership of Building 23 provides NNSA with a more cost-effective method for the long-term use of the facility. Additionally, this purchase allows NNSA to protect the financial investments it makes to the building.

Building 23 provides sufficient capacity to meet KCNSC’s program requirements through fiscal year 2028. NNSA anticipates a continued increase in workload and production needs requiring additional personnel, as well as research and manufacturing space within the KCNSC beyond FY 2028.

Today’s rapidly evolving geopolitical environment requires the nuclear security enterprise to develop innovative solutions to accelerate mission delivery and seize opportunities when they arise. For this reason, NNSA is considering multiple real estate acquisition strategies in Kansas City, Missouri to provide more space for NNSA’s growing workforce.