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EIS-0512: Alaska LNG Project; Alaska
Assesses impacts of commercializing of natural gas resources on Alaska’s North Slope. Public comment period ends 10/3/2019 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
EA-2120: Big Bear Falls Fish Passage Project; Latah County, Idaho
Proposal to fund IDFG to improve passage for ESA-listed steelhead within Big Bear Creek in Latah County, Idaho. Scoping period ends 8/22/2019.
DOE/EIS-0542: Versatile Test Reactor; Idaho National Laboratory or Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Evaluates alternatives for versatile reactor-based fast-neutron source facility/associated facilities at a DOE site. Scoping closes September 4, 2019.
DOE/EIS-0544: Delta LNG and Delta Express Pipeline Project; Louisiana
Assesses a proposal to construct and operate the Delta LNG and Delta Express Pipeline Project in Louisiana. Scoping closes August 29, 2019.
DOE/EA-2091: Holcomb-Naselle Transmission Line Rebuild Project; Pacific County, Washington
Assesses the proposed rebuilding of the Holcomb-Naselle transmission line in Pacific County, Washington. Comment period ends August 22, 2019.
DOE/EA-2085: NNSA's Office of Secure Transportation’s (OST) Transportation Safeguards Training Site at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas
Assess potential impacts of the 2017 Facilities Master Plan Projects at Ft. Chaffee, AR. Comment period on final EA and draft FONSIs ends 8/29/19.