NEPA Success Stories

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NAEP Environmental Stewardship Award Earned by LANL Trails Management Program
NAEP Environmental Stewardship Award Earned by LANL Trails Management Program
Los Alamos National Laboratory Trails Management Program earned Environmental Excellence Award for environmental stewardship.
Neutrino “International Mega-Science Project” EA Team Earns Office of Science Award
Neutrino “International Mega-Science Project” EA Team Earns Office of Science Award
An EA for the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment earned special recognition.
Programmatic EIS Posed Many Challenges, Offers Immediate and Lasting Benefits
Programmatic EIS Posed Many Challenges, Offers Immediate and Lasting Benefits
Programmatic consideration of environmental impacts and mitigation is a pathway to streamlining NEPA review.
The current site-wide approach for long-term protection of LANL’s threatened and endangered species originated from the 1995 discovery of a nesting pair of Mexican spotted owls near a proposed explosives testing facility. (See LLQR, June 1999, page 1.) (Photo: Chuck Hathcock, Wildlife Biologist, LANL Environmental Protection Division)
Making the Most of Mitigation
The Los Alamos Field Office uses a comprehensive Mitigation Action Plan to monitor and manage commitments to mitigate adverse environmental impacts as
Bonneville Participates in Regional Infrastructure Team To Streamline NEPA Reviews and Project Decisionmaking
Participation in a regional team advances infrastructure projects by streamlining permitting, environmental consultation, and regulatory compliance.
Internal Planning and Effective Coordination Result in Successful Completion of EA
Collaboration and communication resulted in an efficient EA process.
Recovery Act NEPA Reviews Uphold Environmental Values and Economic Goals
Experience with Recovery Act projects shows that NEPA need not delay proposed action.
“Quiet” Success Stories Illustrate NEPA’s Value
CEQ published a compendium of 13 case studies illustrating successful NEPA approaches.
Third Idaho High-Level Waste ROD Issued; Phased Decision Strategy Completed
An EIS proved useful years later to support decisionmaking.
More Than 73,000 Recovery Act NEPA Reviews Complete; CEQ Reports No Major Delays
Thousands of NEPA reviews for Recovery Act projects were accomplished efficiently and quickly.
Western Corridors Programmatic EIS Completed, A New Era for Energy Transport Projects
Public comments resulted in consideration of alternative routes and operating procedures for transmission corridors.
Programmatic EIS on Nuclear Weapons Complex Draws National Interest, Many Comments
A combined programmatic and project EIS process successfully managed the consideration of thousands of public comments.
Flexibility of NEPA Process Facilitates Decisions for Strategic Petroleum Reserve Expansion
As a result of Hurricane Katrina, the EIS alternatives included an additional noncoastal site and mitigation to to address hurricane threats.
Measures Identified in EA Process Protect Wetland
The EA process protected a restored wetland during planning for new construction.
NEPA Helps to Protect Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem
An EA for wildland fire management preserved and improved unique sagebrush steppe ecosystem at a DOE site.
NEPA and Negotiation Combine to Prevent Blackouts while Protecting a Valuable Watershed
Stakeholder participation in the NEPA process resulted in additional alternatives with better environmental outcomes.
Site-Wide EA Improves Planning at Wind Research Center
A site-wide EA provided an efficient framework for planning future activities.
Los Alamos Project Guided by MAP
Six years of implementing a mitigation action plan resulted in effective environmental protection.
Innovative Field Research Benefits from NEPA Review
An EA helped DOE plan an effective field-based research program to better understand bioremediation processes.
Emergency NEPA Procedures Invoked for Actions Taken after Los Alamos Fire
Mitigation greatly reduced the severity of impacts from a major wildfire.
Los Alamos Site-wide EIS Analyzed Wildfire Impacts, Prompted Mitigation Actions
A wildfire scenario was added to accident analysis, based on draft EIS comment. Based on the analysis, DOE undertook immediate action to reduce risk.
Hanford Comprehensive Land-Use Plan EIS Helps DOE Preserve Unique Resources
The NEPA process, with tribal participation, for a site-wide land use plan protected habitat and biological resources while promoting development.
DOE Decides Disposition of Surplus Plutonium After Complex NEPA Process
A NEPA tiering strategy, information provided via procurement, and teamwork aided a complex decisionmaking process.
NEPA and Habitat Management Plan: Environmental Synergy
The NEPA process resulted in a site-wide habitat management plan, geographic information system, and endangered species protection.
Consolidated Decision Ends “Tritium Trilogy” Tale
Carefully coordinated NEPA processes were used to address complicated interrelated decisionmaking.