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DOE is preparing an Environmental Assessment that will assess the potential environmental consequences of a proposed action which is to construct and operate an Above Ground Storage Capability (AGSC) area at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).  The purpose of the AGSC project is to improve transuranic (TRU) waste shipping throughout the DOE complex and the WIPP disposal process efficiency by adding the capability to temporarily store TRU mixed waste above ground in concrete overpack containers at the WIPP site. As a result of the AGSC project, the DOE plans to provide a 65,280 cubic foot contact‑handled (CH) TRU mixed waste concrete container storage unit on the surface of the WIPP facility. This additional surface storage capacity is for TRU waste in containers that are shipped to WIPP in TRUPACT-II and HalfPACT shipping packages and are managed as CH TRU waste. The proposed storage time for the concrete overpack containers on the surface at WIPP is up to 365 days. Up to 408 concrete overpacks containers of CH TRU mixed waste are proposed to be stored on the concrete pad. This EA is on hold as of April 2019.

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