DOE announces its decision to provide cost-shared funding to Leucadia Energy, LLC (Leucadia) for its Lake Charles Carbon Capture and Sequestration project (Lake Charles CCS project) under DOE's Industrial Carbon Capture Sequestration Program. DOE prepared an environmental impact statement (EIS) to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with DOE's proposed action of providing financial assistance to the Lake Charles CCS project. The EIS evaluated the impacts associated with construction and operation of the proposed project and Leucadia’s Gasification Plant, which is a connected action. DOE's proposed action is to provide financial assistance through a cooperative agreement with Leucadia to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the Gasification Plant and transport the CO2 via pipelines to the West Hastings oil field, for use in existing, commercial enhanced oil recovery. The West Hastings research monitoring, verification, and accounting program will provide an accurate accounting of approximately 1 million tons of stored CO2.