DOE/EIS-0161: Notices of Intent and Related Notice

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Tritium Supply and Recycling

A series of notices announced the evolving scope of DOE/EIS-0161.

In February 1991, DOE issued a notice of intent (NOI) to prepare a programmatic environmental impact statement that would analyze the potential environmental impacts of reconfiguring and modernizing its nuclear weapons complex across multiple DOE sites (Reconfiguration PEIS).

In July 1993, after reevaluating the implications of a reduced nuclear weapons stockpile, DOE issued a revised NOI that changed the scope of the Reconfiguration PEIS.

In October 1994, DOE issued a notice that DOE proposed to separate the Reconfiguration PEIS into DOE/EIS-0161, Tritium Supply and Recycling, and DOE/EIS-0236, Stockpile Stewardship and Management.

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