TerraPower, LLC’s Test and Fill Facility Project; Lincoln County, WY

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is requesting public input on the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for TerraPower, LLC’s Test and Fill Facility (TFF) Project located in Lincoln County, Wyoming (the proposed project).

DOE is proposing to provide federal funding to TerraPower to construct and operate this facility under the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program. The Test and Fill Facility is designed as testing site for the TerraPower Natrium reactor’s non-nuclear operating systems, particularly those relating to the design’s sodium coolant. This facility would receive, sample, process, store, and then deliver liquid sodium to areas where component tests are performed, including the planned Kemmerer Unit 1 reactor. The research conducted at this facility would serve the sodium reactor community around the world, as interest in this technology continues to grow globally. DOE is the lead federal agency in the preparation of the EA.

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