Headshot of Edward Kee, CEO, Founder, and Principal Consultant, Nuclear Economics Consulting Group.

Edward Kee is an expert on nuclear power economics. He provides strategic and economic advice to companies and governments on nuclear power and electricity industry issues. He has testified as an expert witness in U.S. and international legal and arbitration cases.

Prior to founding NECG, Kee provided advice on nuclear power and electricity industry engagements as a consultant at NERA Economic Consulting; CRA International; PA Consulting Group; Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett; McKinsey & Company; and as an independent consultant.

Kee was a merchant power plant developer and a nuclear power plant engineer (qualified as chief engineering officer on Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carriers) before becoming a consultant.

Kee’s articles on nuclear power and the electricity industry appear in World Nuclear News, Wall Street Journal Europe, Nuclear Engineering International, ANS Nuclear News, Nuclear Power International, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Electricity Journal, Public Utilities Fortnightly, Energy Law Journal, Atlantic Council EnergySource, Power Economics, and other publications.

Kee wrote and published a book, “Market Failure: Market-Based Electricity is Killing Nuclear Power,” released in early 2021. He has also taught courses and given briefings on nuclear power and electricity industry topics for the IAEA, corporate boards, and other audiences.

Kee holds an MBA from Harvard University and a bachelor of science in systems engineering (Distinction; Trident Scholar; Colt’s Award) from the U.S, Naval Academy.