Studio photo / headshot of Andrew Griffith.

Andrew Griffith serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Supply Chain. Prior to this, Mr. Griffith led the Office of Nuclear Energy as Acting Assistant Secretary. He directed DOE’s research and development on advanced nuclear fuel cycle technologies that have the potential to improve resource utilization and energy generation, reduce waste generation, and limit proliferation risk.  

Mr. Griffith also served in various leadership roles in the Office of Nuclear Energy, supporting the full range of nuclear energy waste management, facility operations, and technology research missions (2003-present), and the Office of Environmental Management, primarily focusing on the management of DOE’s spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste (1990-2003).

Before joining DOE, Mr. Griffith served in the U.S. nuclear submarine force and continued serving in the Naval Reserve after joining DOE. He retired from the Naval Reserve as a captain in 2009.

Mr. Griffith holds a bachelor of science degree in naval architecture from the U.S. Naval Academy and a master of science degree in technology management from the University of Maryland, University College.