2021 (1st Round)

The following projects were selected under the Funding Opportunity Announcement titled "U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development" (DE-FOA-0001817) - 1st round of calendar year 2021 (application due date of May 28, 2021).

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Tier II: Advanced Reactor Development Projects

The Nuclear Alternative Project logo.

The Nuclear Alternative Project

Sugar Land, TX

Phase 2 - Site Suitability Study for Small Modular Reactors and Microreactors in Puerto Rico

Under this proposal The Nuclear Alternative Project will evaluate the general site suitability for small modular reactors and microreactors in Puerto Rico. Results of the study will support DOEs mission to commercialize these technologies in small island and/or remote locations.

The Nuclear Alternative Project Abstract

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Terrestrial Energy USA Inc. logo.

Terrestrial Energy USA Inc.

Charlotte, NC

Off-Gas Modeling and Uncertainty Propagation to Support Molten Salt Reactor Licensing

Under this proposal, Terrestrial Energy USA Inc. will develop an approach to handling uncertainty in the modeling of off-gas systems of molten salt reactors. The team will use available Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation program tools developed by DOE and will apply this methodology to the company’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor design.

Terrestrial Energy USA Inc. Abstract

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American Bureau of Shipping logo.

American Bureau of Shipping

Spring, TX

Accelerating Commercial Maritime Demonstration Projects for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technologies

Under this proposal, American Bureau of Shipping will focus on addressing hurdles in the maritime domain so that new reactor technology can be rapidly deployed for commercial applications. Advanced nuclear technology is well-positioned to be one of the strongest tools available to help the industry achieve its aggressive decarbonization goals.

American Bureau of Shipping Abstract

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General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems logo.

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems

San Diego, CA

On the Path to a Nuclear Fuel Digital Twin: Modeling and Simulation of Silicon Carbide Cladding for Accelerated Fuel Qualification

Under this proposal, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems will deliver a constitutive model, based on physics, for its silicon carbide-based fuel for high-temperature gas reactors. The new tool will be benchmarked against commercially available models and experimental data to demonstrate to regulators how the fuel behaves under all conditions in a reactor.

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Abstract


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Tier III: Regulatory Assistance Grants

Pittsburgh Technical logo.

Pittsburgh Technical

Pittsburgh, PA

Advanced Modeling and Simulation to Characterize Advanced BWR Source Terms to Support a Regulatory Approval Pathway for Right-Sized Emergency Planning Zone

Under this proposal, Pittsburgh Technical will support the development of improved modeling and simulation capabilities for advanced boiling water reactors by improving existing fission product transport and deposition models. This will support right-sized emergency planning zones for advanced reactors.

Pittsburgh Technical Abstract

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