2020 (3rd Round)

The following projects were selected under the Funding Opportunity Announcement titled "U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development" (DE-FOA-0001817) - 1st round of calendar year 2020 (application due date of June 30, 2020)

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Tier II: Advanced Reactor Development Projects

Northern States Power Company Logo

Northern States Power Company

Minneapolis, MN

LWR Integrated Energy Systems Interface Technology Development & Demonstration

Under this proposal the principal objective is to carry out planning, design, installation, testing, demonstration, and evaluation of non-electric, hybrid energy technologies connected to a light-water reactor (LWR) power plant. The expected result of this project is to have both a fully-functional hydrogen plant capable of operating as a hybrid system to test diverse electrolysis technologies coupled with a LWR and the design development for a hybrid reversible system. Both project deliverables are to be integrated into the normal operating routine of a nuclear power plant. 

Northern States Power Company Abstract

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FuelCell Energy Inc. Logo

FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Danbury, CT

Solid Oxide Electrolysis Demonstration

Under this proposal, FuelCell Energy Inc. is teaming with Idaho National Laboratory on a solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) system demonstration and validation project to deliver a 250 kW SOEC turn-key sub-scale system with ultra-high efficiency and low cost. The system will be critically verified and validated through collaboration with INL such that it will be ready to integrate into the nuclear environment.  These efforts will enable modular 200 to 500 MW SOEC utility scale systems to be available to the market and demonstrate how nuclear-hydrogen production operations can help nuclear plants diversify and increase their profitability by switching between electricity production and hydrogen generation.

FuelCell Energy Inc. Abstract

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Tier III: Regulatory Assistance Grants

Structural Integrity Associates Logo

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

San Jose, CA

Evaluation of Metal Fuel for LWR using BISON

Under this proposal, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. will leverage the modeling and simulation capabilities developed from DOE NEAMS and Energy Innovation Hub for Modeling & Simulation (Hub). The BISON fuel performance code will be used for analytical simulation of metal fuel behavior in a LWR environment. New material and behavior models will be developed and implemented in BISON to provide the needed capabilities for performance evaluation of metal fuel. The models and general methodology will be documented in a detailed report.

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Abstract

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