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Impact of GAIN
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What is GAIN?

The Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) is a framework for establishing private-public partnerships. We are at an exciting time in the history of nuclear energy with a surge of companies working to bring new, innovative technologies to the marketplace. Our national laboratories hold decades of experience in nuclear technology development, unique research capabilities, and some of the top scientists in the field.

GAIN bridges the gap between innovators in the private sector and the world-class research capabilities of our national laboratories. It offers industry partners a single point of access to the nuclear expertise and facilities at the labs and ensures the work done at our national labs has a real impact on the future of nuclear energy technology.

By leveraging our national laboratories, GAIN is accelerating new, innovative nuclear energy technologies toward market readiness.

Benefits to Industry

Through GAIN, the nuclear industry can access:

  • Unique experimental and testing capabilities
  • Computational power and state-of-the-art modeling and simulation tools
  • Important data, information, and sample materials from previous research at the labs to inform future experiments
  • Land use and site information for demonstration facilities
  • Experts in nuclear science, engineering, materials science, licensing, and financing

Technology Advancements

GAIN supports the development of advanced nuclear energy technologies including:

  • High temperature gas reactors
  • Molten salt reactors
  • Small modular reactors and microreactors
  • Fast reactor
  • Integrated energy systems that could decarbonize industrial processes or pair with renewable energy technologies

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